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About Demeter Designs

Demeter Designs provides superior fertigation and irrigation plan sets and renderings proven to maximize efficiency when building out the heart of your facility.

Our team consists of growers with decades of experience in cannabis cultivation. While the continuous progression of automation systems may seem complex, our detailed plans provide the building blocks required for anyone to install a state of the art fertigation system.

Why Choose Demeter Designs for Your Facility Build?


Demeter Designs is made up of a team of growers whose background is building and operating advanced cultivation facilities.


Our designs handle all of the complex needs of the fertigation and irrigation processes while remaining very simple in design and operation.


With Demeter Designs anyone has the ability to build complex fertigation and irrigation systems

anywhere in the world.

“The parts list that Demeter provided streamlined ordering parts for the buildout. Exploded diagrams of intricate manifolds and pipe sections helped tremendously with assembly.”

@waxfaced, Jungle Boys

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