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It may be time to update your current irrigation system. We work with cultivators during retrofits to create solutions to keep your facility online throughout the remodel.

What to look for in your facility?

1. One Dosatron rack for multiple stages of growth in the facility

2. Hand watering

3. Deficencies in plants

4. Inline injection with fertigation systems

5. Age and relevency of the current system

6. Hand mixing of batch tanks

7. Inconsistent watering/flow to irrigation zones

We offer phased plan sets to make expanding easy for when the time is right

Construction Benefits

We streamline the construction process and schedule to make sure you stay within your timelines. Installing from our plans shaves 30% of time off of the build-out on average.

Complete parts list prevents you from over buying or under buying materials. It also ensures that everything is on site to prevent delays during the build.

We provide contractor support throughout the installation process.

Our plans and materials list help provide accurate quotes across multiple installers and vendors when the job is going out to bid.

Avoid the risk of an improperly engineered design which may need to be torn out and reinstalled with properly spec’d equipment.


Cultivation Benefits

Increase production efficiency.

Increase consistency in feeding regiments.

Increase overall yields by maintaining a high level of accuracy in your fertilizer application.

Reduce SOPs and labor costs.

Provide the ability to implement precision irrigation strategies:

  • Our systems are designed to be able to feed multiple rooms with multiple feeds throughout the day. All of our designs are built around precision irrigation strategy in mind. 

  • Many facilities have scheduling issues where they cant apply crop steering techniques due to the limitations of their fertigation and or irrigation setup. 

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